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About – Toluse Dove Francis

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Meet TDF

Toluse Dove Francis is a trained practitioner in the field of mental health and life coaching using techniques from behavioural sciences specifically in psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help organizations and individuals solve difficult behavioural issues. He assists individuals in regaining their minds by focusing on the present and helping make the best of their past experiences.

Toluse is public speaker and author who is very keen to see people leave their past behind and focus on what the future holds for them. His areas of expertise are grief and loss, depression, habit and addiction. He has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to teen work as a volunteer.

He currently serves as faculty member for various coaching programs including Fear Resolve, LMC to mention just a few. Toluse is an astute supply chain practitioner with knowledge of procurement, e-commerce, fleet etc.

Publications/Awards etc


– Beyond Blue: A step by step guide to coping with grief and loss
– Eat Fit: a nutritional blueprint for healthy living
– Here’s how to break up stress
-Health Writer of the Year 2017

-TEDx Speaker


-Course Tutor (Udemy,, etc)


TDF Integrated Services/Mind and Health Center

Lead Consultant | 

– Coaching
– Consulting
– Public Speaking
– Therapy and Mental Health Practice


Emotional Intelligence
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Project Management
Business Development


BSc Biochemistry
Mental Health and Psychology
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Management Strategies for People and Resources(YALI)
PGD, Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Member, World Federation For Mental Health
Associate Member, Chartered Institute Of Supply Chain Management
Associate Member, Chartered Institutes of Warehouse Management

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